Genetic Testing: Why It's Done and How It Can Help You

Aug 08, 2023
Genetic Testing: Why It's Done and How It Can Help You
Finding psychiatric medications that work for you can take time, trial, and error. With genetic testing, you can narrow down your options much faster and start feeling more like yourself again.

Genetic testing isn’t just for finding ancestors and distant relatives. Going back through your family tree can also reveal important details about you, such as what illnesses run in the family and which medications will be most effective. There are many benefits to genetic testing, including better diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric conditions. 

At P.S. Psychiatry in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, our team provides genetic testing to help pinpoint the best medications for you, cutting down on the number of medications we try and the amount of time it takes to get you feeling better.

How genetic testing works 

Pharmacogenomics works the same way as other forms of genetic testing, just with a different objective in mind. At P.S Psychiatry, we want to help you as efficiently and swiftly as possible.

First, we take a tissue sample or swab, and send your sample to a lab for analysis. Once we receive your results, your provider will use this information to begin ruling out medications that won’t work for you, and recommending ones that will. 

Traditionally, psychiatrists have to play this process by ear, switching medications and increasing doses until they find one that works—a process that can take months or even years. With genetic testing, your doctor can better understand your unique needs and put together an effective medication regimen in a shorter time frame. 

How it can help you

It’s generally understood that two people can have the same diagnosis and respond differently to the same medication. This is because of predetermined factors in your DNA, which is what pharmacogenomic testing looks for. 

Genetic variations can determine how you will metabolize certain medications, their effectiveness, and the most likely side effects. Having this information can help your provider narrow down which medications will be most beneficial for you, helping you feel better faster. 

If you’re suffering from depression or another mental health issue, you might feel worried about receiving treatments that might not work. With genetic testing, you can have more confidence in what your doctor gives you, and if you need to switch medications in the future, your results can help you find another drug that is compatible with your genetic makeup. 

This not only improves your overall experience, but keeps you from feeling at sea about your treatment options. With pharmacogenomics, even people with negative psychiatric experiences in the past can receive genetic testing and finally find a medication that works for them. 

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