About Mitchell Kho, MD

Psychiatry & Neurology in Doylestown and King Of Prussia, PA

Mitchell Kho, MD

Dr. Mitchell Kho has expertise working with adolescents (from 13 years old) to young and older adults to geriatric clientele evaluating, diagnosing and developing optimal psychopharmacological treatment plans to manage disabling symptoms. His approach to this cincial process is based on advocacy and education. Providing understanding of the key features of the disease; and individualizing evidence based, standard of care treatment that works for the client.

Dr. Kho has experience in multiple psychiatric treatment settings, from academia, to the correctional system to community based settings that treat severe, persistently mentally ill patients. And in his private practice helping the "worried well" who wrestle with debilitating anxiety, depression and get stuck in their unproductive comfort zones. He's had responsibilities from a Unit Medical Director, to Department Chief Psychiatrist; and more recently, the Chief Medical officer of a large psychiatric institution.

Dr. Kho has differentiated himself from other psychiatrists who only perform 15-min med checks. He prefers to help his clients without psychiatric medications. When there is a determination of psychotropic medications being beneficial, then the least amount of medication is preferred. Moreover, he has an in-depth understanding of the dysfunctional US health care system with its multiple gaps and inadequacies of the necessary services towards one's mental health recovery. So Dr. Kho will work with you, and the team to explore interventions to fill in those gaps.

Dr. Kho's clients are aware of the work they have to put in towards their journey to manage their emotional health struggles Psychotropic meds is a core, but small part of the treatment. He explores the clients' commitment, then motivates towards necessary behavioral and lifestyle changes to manage disabling symptoms.

Dr. Kho has clinical expertise to treat depression, anxiety, OCD, ODD, phobias, addictions, ADHD/ADD, mood disturbances, disordered eating, spectrum disorders, body dysmorphia and bipolar disorder and psychosis.

He has had his Board Certification by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology since 2001.

Dr. Kho has been married for 25 years. And has an adult daughter who just completed college with an entry level job in a large national bank. Aside from his commitment as a mental health advocate, he, and his wife, are searching for new hobbies and also seeking ways to give back to the community.