Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing services offered in Doylestown and King Of Prussia, PA

The psychiatric medication that’s most effective for your mental health depends on your unique DNA. That’s why Eileen Peirce, RN-BSN, PMHNP-CRNP, and the team at P.S. Psychiatry in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, offer genetic testing. Genetic testing doesn’t replace her medical expertise, but it does reveal vital information about how your body reacts to medications and which ones have a high risk of causing side effects. Call the office or request an appointment using online booking to learn if you might benefit from genetic testing today.

Genetic Testing Q&A

What is genetic testing?

You may think of genetic testing as a tool for identifying diseases or tracing your family history. But P.S. Psychiatry uses another type, pharmacogenomics, which tests your DNA and identifies genetic variations that determine:

  • How you metabolize psychiatric medications
  • How your genes change the effectiveness of medications
  • The medications most likely to cause side effects

Genetic testing provides the information your provider needs to prescribe the medication and dose that’s best for your metabolism.

Why would I need genetic testing?

Despite your provider’s medical knowledge, prescribing psychiatric medications often requires a trial-and-error approach. Here’s why:

Individual genetics

Each person’s genetics determine how they will respond to medications. Two people with the same diagnosis can take the same medication. One may improve, while the other won’t experience any changes or may have side effects.

Without genetic testing, your provider can’t know which medication is the best choice for you. They recommend the one that seems best, but if it doesn’t work, they start increasing the dose and/or switching to a different medication. This trial-and-error approach continues until you get the medication that works.

Different medications

There are numerous medications for most mental health conditions. For example, there are more than 20 antidepressants, and each one works a little differently. Genetic testing narrows down the choices, reducing or eliminating the trial-and-error process.

When should I consider genetic testing?

Genetic testing provides important information for most people needing psychiatric medication. However, you may want to consider genetic testing if it’s the first time you’re getting or taking medication but your mental health symptoms aren’t improving.

What happens during genetic testing?

Genetic testing is done with a tissue sample from inside your mouth. Your provider can do it in the office, or if you use telehealth, you can perform your genetic testing at home. You will receive a kit containing instructions, a swab you use for taking fluids from your mouth, and a mailing kit for sending it to the genetics lab.

When the lab finishes testing your sample, they send your genetics report to P.S. Psychiatry. Your provider schedules an appointment to discuss your results.

If you have questions about genetic testing or want to schedule an in-person or telehealth appointment, call P.S. Psychiatry or connect online today.