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P.S. Psychiatry in PA: Medication Done Differently

We know reaching out to therapists and psychiatrists can be frustrating. That’s why we’re committed to communicating with you how we want our own family to be treated. P.S. Psychiatry is dedicated to ensuring that every client feels like our only client. From your dedicated provider to the administrative staff, we want you to know you’re fully supported and heard. We take pride in walking every patient through each step of the process, so you know exactly what to expect from us.

Simply put, P.S. Psychiatry does medication management differently.

Putting People Before Prescriptions

Designed With You in Mind

P.S. Psychiatry was created to not only fill a need in the Pennsylvania community, but to provide a service you’d be confident to tell your friends and family about.

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    We will always honor your autonomy and lifestyle choices when working with you. We want to earn your trust with consistent positive results.

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    You deserve high quality care, and that’s what we deliver. From the initial call to follow-up appointments and everything in between.

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    Life is complicated enough, medication management shouldn’t be. We strive to make every step of this journey simple.

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    We don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach to medication or mental health. Your care will be tailored specifically to your needs.

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P.S. Psychiatry, Virtual or In-Person Medication Management

We’re always looking for ways to make access to great psychiatric care as simple as possible. P.S. Psychiatry exclusively offers virtual appointments, making scheduling easier than ever.

Getting to Know P.S. Psychiatry
Common Questions About Us
Does P.S. Psychiatry always think medication is necessary?
No. P.S. Psychiatry does not believe everyone would benefit from a prescription. We are a holistic psychiatric practice, meaning we consider and recommend alternative natural supplements and vitamins when appropriate and if that is the client’s preference. Your provider will explain several options so you can make the best choice for your lifestyle and preferences.
Will I get a diagnosis from the psychiatrist in the first session?
We understand that you’re looking for answers. And we want to give them to you as soon as possible. Sometimes we can identify the underlying cause of your symptoms in the first session. Other times we may need additional appointments. Our greatest priority is your safety, so to ensure you’re getting the best quality of care, we may not always be able to provide a diagnosis or prescription after the first appointment.
I've tried many psychiatric medications and have had bothersome side effects, which were never helpful. Why would it be different this time?
It is essential that you share your history of medications, including a list of what you’ve tried and what the side effects were. Your provider will keep this in mind while prescribing. Remember that new medications and research are always coming out, and there may be meds that could work for you that you haven’t tried yet. The choice of whether to begin taking psychiatric medication again is entirely up to you.
What if the medication the psychiatrist gives my child makes them sedated and like a zombie?
Our psychiatric health care providers will inform you of the medication's possible side effects, along with the likelihood of the side effects. If you begin to see any unpleasant or problematic side effects, contact us as soon as possible so we can address your concern.
How often do we have to see the psychiatrist for my child/teen once prescribed a medication?
The frequency of visits with our psychiatric health care providers is determined on a case-by-case basis by your provider. The frequency of visits will be based on many variables that your provider can explain.
I'm afraid my child will get addicted to their medication. Do you prescribe addictive meds to children/teens?
Our psychiatric health care providers are on top of the latest research and are conservative when giving habit-forming or addictive medications. Your provider will consider several factors before prescribing an addictive medication.
Can my child/teen just go to the pediatrician/family doctor for medication, or do they have to go to a psychiatrist?
Many Family Practices and Pediatricians avoid prescribing psychiatric medication. You should contact your physician’s office and inquire about their policy. However, going to a P.S. Psychiatry provider guarantees that you’re talking to someone specializing in psychiatric medicine who stays up to date on the most modern treatments.
Does your practice do the genetic test to show which meds are better than others for my child or me?
Yes. Our practice does recommend genetic testing to ensure you’re getting the most effective medication for your unique genetic makeup. Since we are virtual, the test will be delivered directly to your home, where you will administer it to yourself or your child. The results are sent electronically to your provider and yourself approximately one to two weeks later. Once the results are received, your provider will explain the test results to you and discuss the next steps..
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