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Genetic Testing for Psychiatric Treatment in Doylestown and King Of Prussia, PA

Genetic Testing
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Genetic Testing for Medication Management

Making the decision the take medication for your mental illness can be a difficult decision to make. There's a lot to consider when deciding if medication is right for you, from worries about the side effects to safety and effectiveness. P.S. Psychiatry takes prescribing medications very seriously and wants to ensure we prescribe the right medication for each client. After all, what works for one person may not work the same for another. To help with this, P.S. Psychiatry proudly offers Pharmacogenetic Testing to help guide our providers in choosing the right medication for you.

Genetic Testing
Genetic Testing
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Genetic Testing Can Help

One of the most common concerns patients have when considering medication is whether or not it will be effective and what side effects they'll encounter. Your P.S. Psychiatry provider is an expert in helping explain the possible side effects and what you can expect, but now, we can provide even more insight for you. With Pharmacogenetic Testing (genetic testing), we can better understand how your unique DNA will respond to different types of medications. This will allow you and your P.S. Psychiatry provider to make the most informed decision with the most personalized data available.

Genetic Testing
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Avoid the Trial and Error

Genetic testing should not replace your provider's experience or expertise. However, your P.S. Psychiatry provider can utilize your genetic test results to better understand what medication will work best for your unique genetic makeup (DNA). This will help avoid medications where you may be more susceptible to severe side effects or medications that your body won't respond to.

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How do I know if I should get genetic testing?
Genetic testing is a helpful tool for most people seeking medications. Whether it’s your first time getting prescribed something by a psychiatrist or if you haven’t responded well to certain medications in the past, genetic testing can provide greater insight into what may be more effective.
Will genetic testing tell me what psychiatric drugs to take or not to take?
No. Genetic testing can help your P.S. Psychiatry provider make more informed decisions based on your genetic makeup and what you are likely to respond better to. Please talk to your P.S. Psychiatry provider to hear about the latest research on genetic testing and how accurate it is in determining the best psychiatric medications for you.
Does my medical insurance cover the genetic test?
Each insurance plan is different and may or may not cover genetic testing. Please get in touch with your insurance company to inquire about your benefits and coverage.
Will the provider review the genetic test results?
Once results come in, your P.S. Psychiatry provider will review the genetic test results with you during an appointment.
Do I have to get the genetic test once a year?
You can talk with your P.S. Psychiatry provider to see how often you should complete the genetic testing.
Will the genetic test tell me if I have the MTH-FR genetic mutation?
Please consult with your P.S. Psychiatry provider about specific questions and the genetic test results.
If my insurance company does not cover this genetic test, is it worth paying out of pocket for it?
Your P.S.Provider will discuss with you the efficacy of this test and the research so you can determine together if this is something that is helpful to pay out of pocket for.
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