Nutrition & Wellness

Nutrition & Wellness for Mental Wellness in Doylestown and King Of Prussia, PA

Nutrition & Wellness
More Than Just Medication

Holistic Psychiatric Care

At P.S. Psychiatry, we understand that there should be more options than just being prescribed medication. We take pride in addressing the whole person, taking into account their nutritional habits, deficits, and strengths. We also consider their physical health and activity level. Our holistic approach to psychiatry and mental health leads us to prescribe more than just medication; we also recommend exercise, vitamins, and dietary changes.

Nutrition & Wellness
Nutrition & Wellness
Moving Beyond Medication

Treating the Whole Person

No matter how active you are, nutrition and wellness play a critical role in your mental health. Together, you and your P.S. Psychiatry provider will discuss your current habits and what might be helpful to change or maintain. In combination with therapy and medication, discussing your nutrition and wellness provides the most comprehensive and holistic approach.

Nutrition & Wellness
Nurture Your Mind & Body

Holistic Wellness Approach

At P.S. Psychiatry, we believe in a holistic approach to your well-being, extending beyond medication to include your diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle. In your sessions, your provider will explore your nutritional habits and physical health to tailor recommendations that support your mental health. Together, we aim for a balanced life, focusing on dietary adjustments, physical activity, and the right supplements to enhance your well-being.

Finding the Right Balance
Questions About Mental Health & Nutrition
How does P.S. Psychiatry incorporate nutrition into the treatment?
Your P.S. Psychiatry provider will discuss your current lifestyle habits as far as nutrition, sleep, exercise and self-care and will make suggestions on how to best incorporate all of these things into your daily regime.
Does P.S. Psychiatry prescribe vitamins and supplements?
Your P.S. Psychiatry provider may suggest vitamins and supplements that you can purchase on your own to support your neurology and overall mental health.
What if I don’t want medication and want natural forms of ADHD meds, can P.S. Psychiatry help?
We want to honor your preferences. If you prefer not to take medications, your P.S. Psychiatry provider will review your lifestyle habits and may make suggestions on diet, exercise, sleep, and self-care. If they feel you need further consultation, they will refer you to a registered dietician or a nutritionist.
Will the providers of P.S. Psychiatry give me a food program to follow?
If you’re looking for a food program to follow, your P.S. Psychiatry provider will refer you to a trusted dietician or nutritionist.
Can P.S.Psychiatry help offset weight gain from psych meds with certain supplements?
If weight gain from medications is a concern, it is important to share this with your P.S. Psychiatry provider.
In addition to needing psych meds, I feel like I have to focus on self-care with diet and exercise. Can P.S. Psychiatry help me with all of that?
Your P.S. Psychiatric provider will review your lifestyle habits and suggest changes to diet, exercise, sleep hygiene, and self-care.
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