Medication Management

Mental Health Medication Management in Doylestown and King Of Prussia, PA

Medication Management
Putting People Before Prescriptions

Helping You Feel Like Yourself Again

Deciding to start a medication can be difficult. With so many concerns about effectiveness, side effects, and stigma, we want to ensure you feel comfortable. Your P.S. Psychiatry provider will always discuss options and what to expect from each. We promise to always be thoughtful of what we prescribe to ensure it fits your lifestyle and comfort level. Whether you're looking for medication for yourself, your child, or a loved one, we always take a conservative approach to ensure the medication works for you and that you get the desired results with the least amount of medication needed

Medication Management
Medication Management
Finding the Right Medication

Prescriptions that Fit Your Life

If you, a family member, loved one, therapist, or medical provider, mentioned that medication might be beneficial, it may be time to call us to schedule an appointment. It’s common for people already in therapy to seek additional support through medication management from a qualified provider. With the right medication, your mental illness symptoms can be reduced or, in some cases, eliminated. P.S. Psychiatry can help address many common and unique mental health diagnoses, getting you back to living your life and feeling like yourself again.

Medication Management
Get Back to Feeling Like You

Prescriptions That Help

When speaking with your P.S. Psychiatry provider, they’ll get a deep understanding of your concerns, history, and goals. They’ll also discuss what you’re doing for your mental health. Sometimes, people (just like yourself) need a little extra help to move through negative experiences and address their symptoms. If appropriate, your P.S. Psychiatry provider will suggest medication to help you feel like yourself and regain control of your life.

Getting Comfortable With Medication
Answering Your Most Important Questions
Will I get a diagnosis from the psychiatrist in the first session?
Our providers can diagnose many mental health issues in the first session. However, they may recommend a second visit before prescribing medication if they need further assessment. They will sometimes recommend a neuropsychological evaluation from a psychologist who conducts this testing.
I've tried so many psychiatric medications and have had bothersome side effects, and they were never effective. Why would it be different this time?
During your visit, you should share the different medications you’ve tried and what the side effects were. Our providers are experts in diagnosing mental illness concerns but rely on you to answer questions openly and honestly. For the best experience, please be sure to share all of your symptoms with your provider.
What if the medication the psychiatrist gives my child makes them sedated and like a zombie?
Our psychiatric healthcare providers will inform you of the various side effects of the medications they are prescribing and the likelihood of the side effects. If you are not comfortable with any of the side effects you see, be sure to get in touch with your provider to schedule an appointment to discuss your concerns.
How often do we have to see the psychiatrist for my child/teen once they have been prescribed medication?
The frequency of visits with your P.S. Psychiatry provider is determined on a case-to-case basis and based on many variables that your provider can explain.
I'm afraid my child will get addicted, do you prescribe addictive medications to children and teens?
Our psychiatric healthcare providers are on top of the latest research and are conservative regarding giving children habit-forming or addictive medications. They consider the child’s background and ask about family history with addiction and your child/adolescents history with addiction.
Can my child go to the pediatrician or family doctor for medications for their depression/anxiety or do they have to go to a psychiatrist?
Every family practice or pediatrician practice has their own policy about prescribing psychiatric medications. Although the cost is higher, a psychiatrist is the expert on mental illness medications and is informed of the latest research. Although pediatricians and other primary care physicians can prescribe these medications, they may not be the best, possibly leading to greater frustration with less effective results.
Does your practice do the genetic test to show which medications are better than others?

Yes. Our practice does offer Pharmacogenetic Testing (genetic testing).

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